Was the Cape trip worth it?

I have been asked a few times now, if I thought the trip up to the tip of Cape York was worth it?
In a nutshell the answer is YES! It is an unforgettable adventure and the sense of accomplishment is great. It is a beautiful part of the country but it is hard going. However if you ask me would I do it again the answer is no at least not for a long while. We've been there - done that. There's lots more of Australia to see.

In our own recent trip, we joined up with a 4WD club from home, that was making the trip to the tip just one part of their 6-8 week long trip and thus were unable to dedicate more time to just the Cape itself.

I found camping in a tent is a hassle. Most of the others in our team had camper trailers that set up very quickly. Even so all of us really appreciated it when we spent more than one night in a place.

The campgrounds at Punsand Bay, though had a fabulous beach, were rather isolated, the ones at Seisia and Bamaga are much more central.

Walking the crossing to check it out before entering
Knowing what I do now and if I could make the ideal changes, then these are some of the changes I would make:
1/ a camper trailer would be a boon - one that opens up and sets up with a solid floor & where the bed is already made and the kitchen slides out preferably under cover.
2/ travel with other couples who also do not have a time limit to get up to the top and back - we would have loved to slow down and take much longer that 2 and half weeks we did ours in.

The best part: relaxing at the end of the day

Even when there isn't much to see, you could make up your minds on the spot to move on or just sit back and relax. Some people stopped and camped on or near the water crossings and just enjoyed watching & cheering the way some people get through & helping when some got stuck in the creeks.

So over all I would say go and do it. I am certainly glad we did it, even challenges and all.

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  1. Thank you Michelle for your insights and reflections. I know the life style and daily routine you write about and reading your notes brings back a lot of other memories of when we were out and about. Thank you.


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