Bramwell Station

We left Weipa at 9am and had morning tea at Moreton Telegraph Station  after driving through Batavia Downs, which was very nice. We arrived at Bramwell Station (Camps 6: 929) just on lunch time (12.30) to set up. Do not confuse the station with the roadhouse, where you can also camp at. I think the station would be a slightly quieter camp spot but the excitement would be that much higher at the Roadhouse since this is basically the kicking off point to the Old Telegraph Line.

The boys (and Brenda) left to go check out the first creek crossing whilst the rest of us settled down to a nice quiet afternoon.

How do you like my camp kitchen... pretty basic, but it does the job

When the guys arrived back we talked about the challenges ahead of us.  Basically it was decided that this is the reason the 4WD club really came for this sort of experience (fun?) and that those who were hesitant were going to watch and see the others go through but if they were hesitant that they would leave and go back up the Provisional Road and meet up with the rest of the team at Dulhunty Crossing.  

Some of the cathedral anthills to be seen on the track

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