Preparation for the big trip

Wow, Just 4 weeks to go and now I am starting to get excited. We have joined both BCA and MMM which are both ministries that allow nomads to give various assistance to bush churches and ministries across the country. As Rob's skills are broad especially in the building trades  and practical hands on stuff etc, I am sure that we will find areas that could use his help. My skills are more general, I can teach crafts and and I like hospitality. I am not so sure that I will be particularly useful but I can be an assistant for Rob if he needs me if there is not much call for my limited services, though I gather that some women are just happy to have female company and talking is something I can do. :)

I've swept & cleaned out the Robbiebago. Now to work out the food, clothing, miscellaneous bits & pieces and most important (to me) is my crafts. I want to be sensible and take all that I need but at the same time, I don't want to take too much nor do we want to take on too much weight. I work best to a list - actually lots of lists! I have a list for the pantry, another for my crafts and then there's still more for clothing and equipment needed. I even a checklist for securing the Robbiebago ready for take off. Rob will  have his own list at least in his head of the tools and stuff he wants. Again it is a matter of practicality especially as we intend to help out at churches along the way.

With my papercrafts, I am trying to limit it to making explosion boxes (my latest passion) and just the cards that use the cards left over from the boxes. I am astounded still how much craft stuff I want to take. Somehow I will have to cull this down significantly. I also will be hand quilting a cot quilt for my sister's first baby. And I am toying with the idea of a hand smocked dress for my grand daughter. I have thought that if I get bored or really get stuck later in the trip, I can ask one of my daughters to post me additional supplies to the next major town.

One of my friends once said to me that her husband wont let her take her crafts with her. My immediate response was 'if i can't take my crafts, then I am not going!' Thankfully that has never been an issue, Rob is a great encourager of my crafts. He knows how much pleasure I get from it. He is even encouraging me to sell my crafts at markets along the way. I haven't done that before. he even bought a marque gazebo for me to take, isn't he sweet? However that comment did make me think of how exclusive of Rob my craft creating time can be and I endeavour to be a lot more aware of his needs, whether it be talking, a walk, a game or whatever. Mostly though I create early in the mornings whilst he is sleeping and again later at night if Rob is watching TV and I am not interested in the same show or in the car whilst he is driving. (I am one of those lucky ones that can read, sew, cut out pictures, even casual water colour my stamped images whilst being driven). Rob does occasionally have to draw my attention to the scenery or I would miss out on stuff around me, when I am getting wrapped in what I am doing.

Seeing this great country that God has created & meeting people is what this trip is all about! Bring it on!