The top of Cape York specifically Punsand Bay

Since we separated from the main group, due to not pre-booking, we were to meet up with the rest early the next morning. Yet there was some sort of misunderstanding of just where we were meeting and so we ended up being at the Ferry a good half and hour or more earlier than the main team. Still we are all back together again and the Ferry ride is pretty uneventful. Once again we lead but there is more confusion as our GPS had us going all over the place. Ian had to take over. We ended up going past Bamaga right up to the wharf for morning tea and a short walk and photo opportunity, but a light drizzle put a damper on outdoor activities (pun intended!). Some needed to get fuel and/or groceries and so we arranged to meet up about an hour later to give people time to get their stuff. Bob and I took ourselves off to find the Tourist Information Centre, which we couldn’t find and so we ended up at the bakery enjoying a cuppa and some pastry items. Fresh bread was not too bad at $4.50, but there was a shortage due to the flour not arriving as the barge had broken down somewhere and was several days late. Such is life in a remote location.

  A colourful sunset at Punsand Bay
Soon we move on to our campgrounds at Punsand Bay (Camps 6: 935) way out from Bamaga, I think it was something like 20km out and very slow to get to it being so rough. The camp ground is very rudimentary at best and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, however the beach is fantastic.   

There is only one toilet/shower block close to us with 4 unisex toilets, one is for staff only, one is out of order and thus leaving just 2 toilets for maybe 70 - 100 people and they frequently run out of toilet paper on top of everything else. There are just 4 unisex showers in the block, with one being reserved for staff use only. There is a family size above ground pool and a bar is nearby on site which also serves food.

Two of the lovely brown & yellow butterflies seen regularly at Punsand Bay

 I was fascinated by the lovely brown and yellow butterflies seen frequently around the campsite. We also we fortunate to see a Papuan Frog Mouth whilst there.
Papuan Frog Mouth just above our tent

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