Ravenshoe on the southern end of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands

After picking up the Robbiebago, we were to have a few days on our own before meeting up with the 4WD club again at Dave & Tracy’s place just outside Ravenshoe. We used this time to rest and then to clean up the car and repack everything more suitable for us being in a caravan again.

 Camped at Dave & Tracy's

Dave & Tracy live on a large 4 or 5 acre block of land and there was plenty of parking for all 8 vehicles and their trailers or tents. It was great to meet up with these people who were now firm friends rather than the strangers most of them were just 3 short weeks before. Travelling and camping together creates its own special bond.

Birds at Dave & Tracy's

The 4WD club rock up late on Sunday afternoon and almost as soon as everyone has had time to set up camp, we were sitting around the back verandah having happy hour, regardless of whatever the time was. What a cheery time it was, hearing all the news and showing them our caravan. Dave and Tracy, put on a BBQ for us all with some members contributing a salad or whatever. We also got to meet their son, his partner and kids who live next door and their daughter who lives just a short drive away. The evening concluded with another video presentation of their recent exploits on the dirt roads to and from Chilli Beach.

wood sculpture at Ravenshoe

In the morning we said goodbye to the rest of the team who were continuing on down the coast towards Bundaberg and later Fraser Island before more adventures further south, we were invited by Dave & Tracy to stay as long as we liked. We decided to take up their kind offer as there were some minor repairs and things we wanted to do before moving on.

In the midst of repair work we took a day off to go and do some more sightseeing. We visited Herberton, with is fascinating Spy Camera Museum. I can truly recommend this and that you will be extremely surprised at the gems you will see and learn here. They have a 40 minute guided tour of the cameras for just $15pp, well worth every penny of it.

 The fascinating Spy Camera Shop at Herberton

After this drove past the Historic Village which also looked very intriguing, leaving the entry to another day when we will come back soon with some family members.

Next went to the museum at Millaa Millaa, seeing all sorts of old implements and seeing just hard the timber workers must have had it back in the ‘good ol days’. Out behind the museum, you can see the huge sawn trunks of the cedar tree typical of the old days. (This one had been left standing until one of the cyclones blew it down about 10 years ago.)
Kauri Pine at Millaa Millaa

Statue at Millaa Millaa

Then we went on to Millaa Millaa Falls which are beautiful. Zilli Falls are a smaller falls just about 6km further down the same road. (Don’t be put off by the road closed signs; the falls are right at the point where the road is closed.) Atherton Tablelands is well endowed with lots of lovely waterfalls, having previously visited Millstream Falls and Little Millstream Falls, both which are well worth a visit too.

Millaa Millaa Falls
After this we took the leisurely route back road to Ravenshoe, through some beautiful undulating and sometimes steep farming country. I love to see the cows surrounded by the white birds. We even had a herd of cows crossing the road at one point, going in for milking. At the end of the drive we see the 20 fabulous wind mills of Windy Hill.

Zillie Falls

False turkey Tail Fungi on a fallen tree trunk at Zillie Falls

There is so much to see in the tablelands, do make sure to leave several days to fit them all in. We are staying in the Tablelands for another 2 weeks yet!


  1. So love the Falls!! They look so peaceful. I will be dropping in to see what you are up to next!! Have a great journey

  2. Greetings from Singapore. You certainly are in a lovely part of Australia. We have spent some time in the area you are now, but never enough. My son Joshua likes to call Ravenshoe, Ravens-shoe. No idea why. Enjoy,enjoy.

  3. Thank you John and Vivki for looking at my travel blog. I am expanding it and making some changes so do come back and let me know what you think of the changes and suggest others that you think would be beneficial.


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