Mt Carbine Caravan Park

We arrived at Mt Carbine Caravan Park (Camps 6: 210) a few days early in preparation for our 4WD trek up to Cape York.

Free caravan stoarge

We are able to leave the Robbiebago here for free. Well thre is a nominal fee of just $20 including a night’s stay. We decided to stay for 3 nights (at $20 per night) to pack the car and rest and relax before joining up with our friends from the Black Diamond 4WD club that were on their way up to Cairns. We will meet up with them near Mossman/Port Douglas early on Monday morning.

Bob and Jenny are the owner/managers of Mt Carbine and are very friendly. They keep the grounds immaculate and the amenities block is one of the cleanest I have seen anywhere.

Informal talks about the area

Each evening Bob hold talks about the rocks and mining around the area. His talks are very informative and interspersed with stories of the local history and folk associated with the rocks and/or community.

A bird lover's paradise

He also pointed out a group of 3 tawny frogmouth owls up in one of the trees. You would hardly know that there were there if you weren’t specifically looking for them, their camouflage is so good.

Tawny Frogmouth

At another time he also pointed out the red winged parrots and named the blue headed bird that I had seen but already i have forgotten the name! Gosh, I am so annoyed that I left my bird identification book at home. I keep saying that I will buy another, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Bird seen at Mt Carbine

As you can imagine there was a lot of re-organizing needed to be done to clear out the car and pack food and camping gear into the car, making sure we had sundry items such as cochlear batteries and chargers, my CPAP, turn the Waeco on and stock it. We heard that purchasing food and fuel was rather expensive and in some places non-existent. Fuel we just have to pay for as we go but the food we can preplan for as I had made up a list of menus for 3 weeks. (I will eventually get around to making my lists available as a guide for other s to use. I also have other lists as well as quite a few suggestions which I will also post at a later date).

Anyone for a drink?

Of course we took some time to relax and meet other visitors to the caravan park, many whom were also going up to the Cape. Monday comes and we finally put the Robbiebago into storage and left Mt Carbine. We will be back in about 3 weeks.

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