Morton Telegraph Station

As mentioned in the last blog entry, John, Ian & Wes got a good head start to get along the track. We slept in, if you can call it that as we left at 9.15. After nearly 2 weeks of packing and unpacking we find we are a tad faster, but we still need to allow an hour to have brekkie and pack up.  We caught up to them at Bramwell Junction, where they reported that everything was still holding together.
Ferns in the understory near Bramwell Juntion

Closeup of the same ferns
We then continued collectively to head on to Morton Telegrapgh Station for tonight's camp arriving around 2pm. It is a nice big relatively flat area adjacent to a crocodile infested river. (I haven't seen a croc anywhere this trip yet!) 

A nice camp with large open areas and great showers. We got in just in time as a convoy of 39 vehicles came in as part of the Variety Club fund raising Safari. Boy, I would hate to be stuck behind them going north. They were stopping here for the night.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many children travelling as part of the convoy. The next morning they were splitting with maybe half doing the OTL  (Overland Telegraph Line) the next day.
Bob and I went for a walk down to the creek just outside the property. Not a croc to be seen, but we did spot some campers who obviously did not want to stop at the station... maybe they wanted  water views, the peace or just didn't want to spend the $10 a head to stay there. 

After some misunderstandings with the admin, combined with the local mechanic being out on a job when we arrived, John was able to get his camper spot welded to enable him to get to Coen for a better repair.

We had yet another campfire going. This was to be our parting 'party' sort of, as we were unable to get accommodation at Chilli Beach and we were so sorry in one sense to separate but at the same time, we were happy to be done with the rough roads and couldn't wait to get back to the comforts of our caravan. 
It was a great night under a night sky, isn't it great how the stars are so much brighter out in the country away from city lights. You can so many more stars too.

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