The Slide-out systems have arrived

It only took 11 months for the American company, to finally get through the communication break down and get the slide outs shipped to us in Australia. We were very, very persistent.

Just in case you are unfamiliar and want to ask 'What is a slide out?' Think of a slideout or slide out as a boxy wall expansions that literally slides outs giving you a lot more usable living area or room inside the trailer or motorhome. Some can be pulled out manually, some are wound out and some have a little motor to drive the mechanism. Our latest ones are motorized with an over-ride.

The smaller of the 2 slideout mechanisms
Still they have arrived. Rob is so happy. He persisted with Lippert Component, as in his opinion, they are the best on the market. Rob has his innate understanding of the engineering as well as his personal experience of building his own slide-outs on two previous caravan trailers. He is very secure in his opinion, which is why he persisted when most others would have given up with all the run around we went through. So now that we have them, we can really get stuck into the bus conversion.

Starting the extending 'room' that will house the 2 seater reclining lounge

Though there was much that needed to be done, as evidenced in previous blog posts, there was little or no point in doing any of the finer, finishing details until the slideouts were done.

The lounge slide out is ready to be covered in aluminum sheeting.

Once the slide out 'rooms' are completed, we can start to put up the internal walls and cover the kitchen cupboards and bench tops etc.
Come back for more updates on the slide-outs.

A little time out

Please forgive me for my lack of posting lately. I have had surgery for removal of a nasal polyp . I have yet to bounce back from this surgery. I was fortunate in that I only had pain for about about 48 hours and this was easily controlled by meds. However I am still suffering a lot from fatigue.

On top of this, the pathology on the polyp reveal some 'questionable' cells which they are trying to ascertain whether it is some form of cancer or pre-cancer. The various scans, 2 types of CT and my very painful MRI are inconclusive.

Just yesterday I had a PET scan in Sydney. I am hoping it is just all a storm in a teacup stirred up by the fact that I had breast cancer a couple of years back. I am sure that without the breast cancer, they probably would have just said "we'll keep an eye on this" and have a test in 6 or 12 months time. Still it is better to be safe than sorry.

In the meantime Rob has been beavering away at various things with the bus. I will have some exciting news and photos as soon as I am up and about. We have done some painting and installing as well as lots of 'finishing' jobs.

I just wanted to touch base with you as some have emailed me privately to find out what's happening. Thank you for your love an concern.


It has been confirmed that I do have cancer. Rather than repeat everything here, I will write the personal aspects of my cancer over on my 'crafty' blog, Inkspirational Designs.