Archer River Roadhouse

We reluctantly left the lovely Hann River. First stop is in about 60km for morning tea at Musgrave (Camp 6:911). The dirt road is quite dusty, some smooth, and other parts terribly corrugated. Some of the river crossings aren't deep but they sure are rocky and I mean big boulders some 40-60 diametre were not uncommon. It is what we have to get used to! There are lots of Magnetic termite mounds and black boys interspersing the grassy landscape with the occasional eucalyptus tree and such to be viewed as we drive along. I am surprised that it is not more 'tropical' and lush! We even passed some old geezer travelling with a donkey loaded with his provisions. Now that is a slow way to travel.If you keep you eye out you get to see lizards, snakes, the odd kangaroo and brolgas along the way.

A slow way to travel

There was two road trains in, one of which had their stabilizers sunken into the ground and had to be lifted with the aid of a big front end loader using its bucket to support the trailer whilst the driver and assistants work out how to remedy the situation. We soon headed toward Coen on the Peninsula Development Track. Refuelled in Coen $1.85 on one side of the road $1.70 on the other so watch out the prices here.  We had lunch in a beautiful riverside spot just 5 kms north of the town. It would be a great spot to stop and camp. It has a river, toilet, shade, and plenty of room.  most of us are running around in shorts as the temperature is a perfect 28 degrees. I love driving with the windows down in this sort of weather, beats air conditioning any day.

All good things must come to an end and we must keep on going so on we go, more dust and corrugations to get through. It is quite popular on the road with many vehicles also hoping to reach the tip.  Some of our vehicles are facing a few minor problems but we have two days in Weipa to fix most of them. If anything can shake lose, then this place will test it to the hilt!

Oh it was SO GOOD to reach the Roadhouse and set up. We soon took out chairs and had a wonderful happy hour down IN the river where we have a very relaxing couple of hours sitting in the water.  (I have noticed our happy hour is much longer than 60 minutes and starting earlier each day... but who's complaining.... not me! Campfire under a bright starry sky tonight. Totally awesome esp with a few toasted marshmallows thrown in! One bit of sad news is that I took quite a tumble tripping on someones' extended fly line and ended up with a swollen and bruised knee and a black eye. The others were willing to cast the blame on Bob! ;)

The shallow waters of Archer River was easy to set up chairs within

Archer River

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  1. Stayed at Archer River Roadhouse on 29/6/12. Never stay there again. The locals virtually drove out the visitors by 9.00 p.m with their language and fighting, which continued down at the river until 5.00 a.m. Toilets were filthy and none of the phones worked. A real disappointing stop-over at what should have been as oasis after a long drive


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