Back to the Robbiebago - Mt Carbine & Rocky Creek

We were breaking away from the main 4WD group today anyway and since John needed to head into Coen for more substantial repairs on his trailer we decided to follow Chrissy and John and make sure that they didn't have any more dramas on the way.

A truck stirring up just a little dust
We left Moreton around 9.15 for a slow trip to Coen arriving around 12.30. John was able to secure the services, he required and so after a quick mini lunch in Coen, we decided to push ourselves to get to Mt Carbine today instead of tomorrow as originally planned. It meant a long day in the car but the rewards of sleeping in the caravan would be worth it all.

It was some 250km to Laura where we had the rest of our lunch? at 4pm. Across the road there is a delightful mini antique car, an Austin that is fully road worthy.

It was yet another  170km to mt Carbine and boy, were we glad to finally be there at 6.30. Those last 100km were such a drag... the distance seems to double not shorten. The owner, Rob, was nice enough to let us park the van nearby and under a high carport for 2 nights. We were so tired, I couldn't even care about cooking dinner. Poor Bob had to do it on top of all the driving.  I think I flaked out by about 8 o'clock...who's looking at a clock anyway?

Gotta do the washing once in a while (at Rocky Creek)

After a good night's sleep and a decent sleep in, we spent the day doing a heap of washing, cleaning the car and other sundry items that need to be done.

We left Mt Carbine around 11am as we really needed to pick up a computer battery in Mareeba that should have arrived before we left for Cape York. It was so frustrating to arrive in Mareeba only to find most of the shops closed including the post office. Apparently it was a public holiday for the Cairns Show... Grrrr. We decided to move back to Rocky Creek for the one night before moving on to Tracy & dave's place, just south of Ravenshoe, in preparation for the arrival of the rest of the 4WD team who going to be rolling up the next day.


  1. I am loosing ground on reading yor bloggs and it seems the whole Cape trip has got away from me. I need to visit what I have missed and work out whether you thought the effort of the Cape trip was worth it.

    1. Sorry it is a lot of information at once. I didn't have internet access and had to upload most of the posts in a very short period of time. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog. It will be even better still when you can get on the road yourself with Robyn


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