Sunshine days in Cairns

We rolled up to the Cairns airport to pick up our daughter in law and our 2 lovely granddaughters for a week of wonderful family time. They flew in ahead of their father who would join us for 2 nights before all 6 of us hop in a plane and head back home in time for our youngest son’s 21st birthday party. Lots of cuddles, playtime picnics, water parks and the like were on the agenda for the week ahead.

It was wonderful to see them all and get lots of play time with the girls. First off though I just had to present the little girls with the blanket stitched appliqued t-shirts I had made.

We all had lots of time was spent walking and playing in the park or at the shopping centres. Ezzy particularly loved standing up in the trolley.

A fave place for the girls was the fabulous Cairns Esplanade. I just love it there. It was sunny, but however the water was cold. 2 yr old Miriam refused to admit that she was cold even though her lips turned blue and she was shivering. Ten month old Ezzy found she loves eating the sand there and trying to catch the water spout. Gosh I wish we had one at Wollongong’s North Beach. It would be such a tourist attraction.

When our son rolled up towards the end of the week, we even offered our babysitting services so that they could have a date night. Oh what a marvellous way to spend the evening with the girls. A win win situation all round!
Then off to fly home to attend the youngest son's 21st party... that that one is another story!


  1. There is one.coming wollongong - they're replacing the lagoon end of stuart park with a large children's water playground!!!

  2. That will be fantastic. We'll have to take the girls there when they come down

  3. That water park sounds great, but really can you make my kids a t-shirt. They are fabulous. I have one boy, but I am sure you could come up with some boy colours too. I will send you an email for more details.

    1. I would be happy to applique a t-shirt for you. Please send me a personal message via my "About Me" profile on the left and we will exchange details. Think of colours and subjects you would like to see.


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