Counting our blessings

No one likes pain of any sort nor getting sick but it sure makes you appreciate all the more when you get back on an even enough keel to take control of your life again.

What I haven't covered on this blog is that Rob has also had some major health issues over the past year having been diagnosed with Usual Interstitial Pneumonia which sadly has on going repercussions. So along with my head cancer and his lung disease, things have been a bit rocky lately.

Still we don't want to wallow in the pain of what we've lost but rather look at what we still have: each other, our independence, our free-ranging activities, our wonderful supportive friends. Learning to be vulnerable is a risk, however I am learning to open myself to new friendships that are forming from the depths I have been in over the past 2 years. Sometimes illness, pain and grief can really knock you for sticks and stop you in your tracks for a while. Eventually we can  go forward and learn that we can embrace the day together.

Leaving the car on whilst stopping overnight at Yass.
Now we are back on the road. It may be a small step - a small trip, to you but to us is is a big step towards reclaiming our lives. Sure we don't know where we'll end but as long as God is there with us then we know will make it.