Dutch Pea Soup Recipe

Pea soup is a hearty, warming winter meal and is one of the signature dishes of the Dutch cuisine. I was fortunate to marry into a Dutch family and thus I was introduced to some wonderful Dutch cuisine. Their Pea Soup is probably my all time favourite soup. So of course many years later, when I discovered the huge advantages of the thermal cookers which I covered in this post here and bought my own DreamPot, I just knew that I would be making this recipe frequently whilst we were traveling "on the road" as well as at home. It is filling enough to replace a meal especially with a slice or 2 of some lovely bread. This soup tastes better the next day after it has had time to "develop".

Rookworst is the traditional sausage added to the soup. It is smoked pork sausage usually tied with the ends together in a U shape. You can use other smoked pork sausage instead, or a continental frankfurt at pinch. It is a lovely soup even without this sausage added to it, but if you want the full Dutch experience then you need to add some. I get the Rookworst at a deli nearby but I have seen it a Woolworths and Coles on occasion.

Rookworst Image Source

If you don't have a thermal cooker such as a DreamPot or EcoPot, you can still follow this recipe below, but lengthen the cooking time in point 5 to a minimum of 2 hours stirring regularly as peas break down there is a greater tendency for it to stick on the base of the saucepan and burn! I cook all my soups in my DreamPot now even at home. A DreamPot eliminates virtually any chance of burning your soup! Yet another reason why I love thermal cooking.

Dutch Pea Soup

500g dried green peas
1 ham hock
1 onion
2 chicken stock cubes
1vegetable stock cube
3 celery stalks grated
1 potato grated
2 carrots grated


  1. Ideally soak the peas overnight then drain peas
  2. Saute vegetables in butter.
  3. Place veges, hock & peas in a large saucepan of the Dreampot & top to within 2 inches of the top with water. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat to low and cook, partially covered, for simmer for 15 minutes. Keep stirring and skim off any froth as it develops.
  5. Place saucepan with lid on in the Dreampot and leave for 6 hours.
  6. Remove ham hock and blend the soup smooth.
  7. Pick off any meat from the hock & add back into the soup & add some sliced rookworst.
  8. Best made a day ahead to develop flavours.
  9. Reheat carefully as it has a tendency to burn easily. (Soup will appear very thick when cool) 

Pea soup keeps well in the fridge. It also freezes well, so store the amount of soup you will eat within a few days in the fridge, then make portions from the remaining soup and freeze the rest to enjoy later.
It is certainly an ideal soup for cold winter evenings sitting around a campfire. (If you are not travelling then the next best thing would be to be sitting in front of a fire indoors, sipping a lovely bowl of pea soup.)

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