Left at 8.30 this morning with Rob & I leading the team. This also means that we are not eating anyone's dust other than over taker's and those that pass us in the opposite direction. Windows down all the way!

 There was really no where to stop that was decent so after about 100km we pulled up on a wide shoulder on one of the bitumen sections so that when a car did past us we weren't choking in their dust whilst we had morning tea. Not much to write about this part of the trip, cattle alongside the road and wedge tail eagles are to be seen. We did hit and killed a very small joey, fortunately it was only a glancing blow to us with no damage to be seen. We even had a little misty rain on the trip, just enough to settle the dust a little but not enough to create mud.

Boys playing with their Tonka trucks in the low tide

We arrived in Weipa just before lunch. Shops were mostly closed due to it being a Sunday.

Finally we pull into Weipa Caravan Park which is nice with shady sites right next to beach. Washing was high on the agenda too. Happy hour on the beach waiting for the sunset over the waters but the first night's sunset was a bit disappointing, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.The 2nd night's sunset was brilliant. The next day was filled with shopping and a Bauxite Mine Tour which Bob and I skipped having done it in Nhulunbuy with our daughter in law being the tour leader for Rio Tinto there. Diesel here is $1.69.9 here. We chose to drive around town which reminds us so much of Nhulunbuy just across the Gulf. We also saw this fabulous old sailing ship alongside a wharf.

The sun's reflection on the waters at Weipa
Sunset over the Gulf at Weipa


  1. What beautiful sunset shots! Lindy

  2. Thank you Lindy for looking at my travel blog. I am expanding it and making some changes so do come back and let me know what you think of the changes and suggest others that you think would be beneficial. We hope to be back in November.


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