Boonah and the Bus hunt

Rob desires a 7m motorhome

I love the name
Even before we built the Robbiebago caravan, Rob wanted to have a motorhome. I discouraged him before. Now his appetite for it has been whetted again for various reasons. I guess I can't deny him again.

As we are travelling we are seeing all sorts of vehicles from all sorts of Winnebago's and 5th wheelers to the humble little campers also known as 'Whiz Bangers' because of their noisy sliding door.

We found that there are quite a lot of buses of the type Rob has his eye on in the country Ipswich, South Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

So we decided to base our caravan in the Boonah Showgrounds and unhitch the car to explore the buses in these areas.

The bus hunts starts

Umm.... I don't think so
So off we go with our list of photos, clippings and addresses for a full day's traipsing around this beautiful area, though we didn't have time to stop and admire the scenery other than through the car windows. There were just too many places to cover in a large area.

The first fellow in the Ipswich back country was a back yard operator, where many of his buses were standing in swampy water... we soon ditched him but he did give us an address of someone relatively close by.

The second fellow was also a backyard operator, but his yard was dry and tidy. He was a mine of information and we learnt many things from him. he had one possible, but the bus was much more expensive than we had hoped for.

The third address was a company operating out of a commercial area. They were not interested in us unless they could do the conversion for us.  Rob was relishing the idea of doing it himself.

Is this the bus for us?

A girl can dream, can't she?
We were starting to run out of day and had only time for one more. We went to the next one chiefly because he was the nearest one. The fourth fellow was also a company but he was extremely helpful. He had just the bus we were after and in good condition. Again we were put off by the price.

We went back to Boonah, via the Tamborine Mountains and rewarded our hard day's work with a nice dinner at the Beaudesert RSL club. This also gave us plenty of time for continuing the discussion of whether we can afford to do this bus conversion at all and working through what our options were.

We had a nice couple of days over the weekend, in Boonah, walking up the streets, having a cuppa and pastries, visiting camp neighbours and going to the Salvation Army Church.

What is our decision?

Can we afford it??? Keep reading to find out! We don't even know the answer yet!

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