A new appliance for the caravan

My regular microwave oven in the caravan recently died and shortly afterwards I saw a new convection microwave advertised at a local store of just $149. I snapped it up quick.

It was my choice not to have an oven in the Robbiebago caravan when we designed and built it due to favouring the additional storage room it frees up and basically it has been the right choice for us. I have cooked (not just reheated or defrosted) food in a microwave for over 30 years and when we are connected up to power I love to use it. We have a covered gas BBQ in the caravan however this has been largely unsuccessful as we found that no matter what we did, there was always way too much bottom heat and the food would burn. To top it off the gas BBQ gobbles up a lot of gas and thus making it an expensive option.

I guess you can safely say we are glamping...a new term that keeps on popping up now a days that refers to camping with all the mod cons. We are certainly not camping purists. We don't believe in camping in the rough at our age! LOL

So any way, back on topic, now you can see why I was thrilled to replace the dead one with this beauty. As you can see it has a mirror finished door... I will just have to up the ante on my house cleaning. LOL

Now to experiment with it and cook up some beauties in it. I am hankering for cheesy meatballs, a potato bake and maybe a nice date loaf not all on the same day LOL .... yumm. My tummy is growling now. I just need to get to powered site so I can experiments. Watch for some more recipes to come.

What is your favourite camp recipe?


  1. We dont have a Oven in our Motorhome either! We use our "Choofer" outside (mostly on weekends) and our TopStove Convection Oven (also outside)
    We do have a gas cook top, where most of our Vegetarian Cooking gets done.
    LOVE the mirror door :)


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