Give thanks with a grateful heart


Photo source: Scrap book lady
The American tradition of Thanksgiving is a great time to stop and think of people and things in your life for which you are grateful. We wont be having a special dinner or anything. Though we are well and truly Australians (with a little bit of the Dutch influence from my hubby’s side) and we do not celebrate with a spcial dinner or anything, I think it is still a good time to stop and remind myself of the little things, and the big things, that make me happy.
God doesn't makes mistakes and this includes my deafness and some ugly things in my past.
So for myself being thankful, includes life itself, what has been has helped shaped who I am today.  And the knowledge that God will be with me in the future gives me comfort, hope and a sense of purpose. My life is meaningful.


I am thankful that all my children & grandchildren are healthy and love the Lord, That they have grown up into the wonderful people that each one of them are. I am blessed to have a wonderful daughter in law who clearly loves my son and is a marvellous part of our family. I am thankful that though they live so far away, that air travel is available and that have seen them 3 times this year. I am thankful that all my children are gainfully employed and to boot they are all in jobs that help others, a pilot, 2 as children’s ministers/carers and a fireman.

A recent trip home for a family reunion also reminded me of the blessings of an extended family.

Part of the extended De Rooy clan (Myself and Rob are 7 & 8 standing from the left )


Though I have lots of little things that can be frustrating such as recurring fatigue & frequent hay fever, it is relatively nothing compared to having cancer or chronic pain. I am thankful to God that my earlier brush with breast cancer was caught early and that an operation was all that I needed. I still find it hard to take it in that I actually had cancer yet didn’t need radiation or chemo, how thankful I am to the great medical advances in our country.

Travelling Grey nomads

Caravan camped at Yandina, Qld
I am blessed that I have the time to travel in a caravan around this great country together with my husband. We have seen so much on our road trips over the last 3 years, going up the centre of Australia through South Australia & Northern Territory and then coming down Western Australia.

Counting your blessings

The list goes on, as once you start to count your blessings you may be surprised to find that your cup overflows! Mine certainly does. Thank you God! So take time to reflect on what you're doing. Be grateful. Remind yourself what you love about what you are doing and why you do it. Create the opportunity to let your loved ones know that you are grateful to have them in your lives.


  1. I love reading about all that you are grateful for! It makes my day, and reminds me to give thanks more often.
    Its funny how much we do take for granted, yet when we look at how blessed we are we can really see everything that is around us :)
    Your family get together's look like so much fun.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Our family is close and that makes it everything!


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