Christmas Chocolate Poinsettia Tutorial

It is only natural to want to decorate your home for Christmas to make it both inviting and festive. I love to make something each year.

Chocolate Poinsettia

In our house we tend to stick to basically traditional colours and lots of handmade ornaments as well as a couple of special pieces that have been gifted bought or made with love over the years & have meaning for us.

Today I want to show you how to make an edible chocolate Poinsettia. It is a wonderful way to gift a special chocolate. It can stand alone or adorn a present. I made them with the intention of using them for the plate decoration for my Christmas table.

Let me show you how easy it is to make it in the following  Christmas Flower tutorial.

Ideally you will need the Spellbinders Nested Flower and a cutting machine such as a Cuttlebug to cut your flower layers. However it is an easy enough shape to hand cut that doesn’t require a lot of accuracy. Email me if you want a PDF file of a hand drawn flower in 2 sizes if you are not confident to draw your own.

Most years I like to make a Christmas tree ornament and this year is no exception with a crochet mini Christmas Stocking. I have covered this on Tuesday blog here.

Chocolate Poinsettia Flower


For each flower you need the following:

  • Red cardstock
  • 2 large flower shapes and 2 medium flower shapes
  • Dark green, brown or another dark inkpad preferably not black
  • A sponge or dauber
  • Hot glue gun
  • A large stylus - a ball ended tool used for shaping card and icing flowers.
  • A soft mouse pad
  • Wrapped chocolate 
    The packet of wrapped chocolate I used for the centres.


Cut the four shapes.

Look carefully, the left flower has been sponged for shading

Using a corner of your sponge, dab onto the ink pad and rub the colour gently across the edges of the petals of each flower layer to darken them.

Shape the petals with a shaping stylus by rubbing each petal in a circular motion to curl petals up, leaving base pretty much flat. Do this for each layer. In the two photos above you can see how the petals are flat until I use the ball stylus. In the bottom photo you can see the ball stylus on the top right hand side.

When your flowers are shaped nicely, then glue the layers together off setting the petals for each layer.

Glue in your wrapped chocolate into the center and you are done.

A nice but optional extra is to cut a large flower shape in green cardstock and cut off 2 petals for leaves (or just cut 2 leaves from green card stock) and adhere to the base of the flower after pinching the tips in the same manner.

Yabba Dabba Doo - Your very own Chocolate Poinsettia flower

Chocolate Poinsettia Flower up close

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the construction of this flower.

Linda Duke shows a different method of shaping the flower. She has an excellent video tutorial on her blog that inspired my flower, though I have made my own changes as per my methods above.

Chocolate Poinsettia in a presentation basket

Want more?

Would you like to see more Christmas foods and recipes? Leave me a comment or an email.

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  1. Thanks!!!!! A lovely teaching which surely helps me for packing of gifts in this unique way.

    1. Glad you like this tutorial. I love decorating and crafting. There are some more ideas on my Inkspirational Designs Blog


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