Two steps forward - one step back

O my gosh! We have been officially home for 2 weeks and I don’t seem to have gotten much done. I should say I have been home for 2 weeks, Rob has been home less than a week and he appears to have achieved more than I have in less than half the time. Good for him, but that's boo for me!

Maybe a small part of it is that I still suffer from fatigue and have had 2 days where I could hardly keep my eyes open... when they were open and my brain was functioning, it was then that I did most of my final editing for my recent "Christmas is coming" series... I can hardly wait for Christmas!

Running around & boring housework

Also there were/are 101 things that needed doing from visiting the dentist, staying overnight with daughter Camille, and lots and lots of washing and deeper house cleaning such as cleaning the floors, tidying the cupboards etc. I haven’t even started in the garden yet other than to pull the flower stalks off some pesky onion grass that keep popping up in one little corner.

I haven’t even started on the caravan yet other than to empty the fridge and freezer and bring in some items as I need them. Each time I need to go in the caravan for anything, I try to carry more things back to the house each time and put it away straight away rather than letting it become one more mess inside the house!!! There’s no point in wasting a trip nor adding a new mess to the slightly tidier house!

Lifestyle changes

It is sort of weird to get up, put on my slippers, grab a cuppa and walk all the way to my office corner in the middle of the house, to get online. I used to take about 4 steps to sit at the table and watch the sun come up over a different scene most mornings whilst waiting for the computer to load up. Sometimes the sun and scenery were just too tempting, and I just had to go outside and experience it and maybe take yet another sunrise photo. Now a days, it's just a few more steps... but it is still odd!

Sleep v action

Poor Rob, once he came home from his  4,000km cross country trek in 5 days with the ‘new’ bus, he desperately wanted to sleep in late every morning, but it battles with his innate desire to get stuck into the bus conversion.

Back to normal soon

The house is nearly good enough to go back to a regular housework routine and then I can stuck back into my Christmas preparations & crafts. I have this one new bigger project that I really want to stuck into. I have never done this type of craft before – and I would really like to do three of them eventually...

Thankful I can make things on the road

At least my crochet Christmas Stockings are done as well as my Chocolate Poinsettia Flowers. That’s what I love about crafting on the road! You can craft as you go. It can save a lot of otherwise wasted time!

 Footsteps photo credit: Bibba

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