Potato Slice Recipe

Potato Slice
This is one of my favourites, so it stood to reason that it would be one of the first dishes I would cook in my new convection microwave.

I haven't met a potato dish that I don’t like.

With the exception of the bacon, everything can be sourced from your RV pantry since the advent of UHT or long life milk and creams. Even Kraft Cheddar Cheese (in a blue box shelved near the Vegemite and jams) can come from your pantry. I do find this cheese hard to grate though, so I tend to chop it into tiny pieces. Obviously the left over milk and cream will need to be stored in a fridge or chucked out. You could even go all cream, but your waist line and heart might not appreciate it, even if your taste buds start you drooling at the very idea of it. LOL.

Potato Slice 

 400g Potatoes # optional substitute with some sweet potato
1 onion
150ml cream*
150ml light milk*
McCormack’s Season All salt (or other seasoned salt)
½ cup grated cheese
100g diced bacon (cut off fat first or buy it pre-diced at the deli!)

Instructions Slice raw potatoes (skin can be left on if desired)
Up close & personal with my Potato Slice
Slice onion
Place half potato slices in baking tray
Place sliced onion on top
Cover with rest of potatoes.
Pour over with cream/milk
Sprinkle top with season all
Cover dish and bake 1 hour and 15 minutes @180 degrees
Uncover and sprinkle top generously with cheese and bacon pieces
Cook another 15 minutes until cheese is melted and bacon cooked.
(Can extend cooking time 15 mins if guests are late)

* I like to use long life products when I can when travelling on a road trip in our caravan.
# The use of sweet potato adds fibre as well as colour.


  1. Thanks for your interest in our blogs. Great fun putting them together. Like the look of your potato slice. Are those tomato slices I see in your picture? If so, you haven't got that item in your ingredients. Enjoying last night at Jugiong near Gundagai and home tomorrow. Planning a trip to York Peninsula next April. Robyn needs to stay with the cold weather with her MS and we have had some hot days this time which has taken it out of her.

  2. There's no tomato in my slice, though you could easily add it if you'd like. I have some sweet potato in the middle of the slice. Placed half the potatoes down then a layer of sweet potato slices and then the onion and then the rest of the potatoes.


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