Tooloom Falls

Now you didn’t think I had totally abandoned our travel notes, did you?  Tut Tut.

Travel is part of our lives now that we are retired. Even though we have arrived back home for the Christmas season, we will still be giving some caravan and travelling tips and as well as some travel notes. I have some BIG news coming shortly. But for now, let’s just get on with it!

The road down from Rathdowney to Woodenbong was very winding but it is a beautiful drive as far as the views of the forests including numerous very tall and straight trees. About 6 km south of Urbenville, you will find the beautiful Tooloom Falls with free camping. There’s the obligatory drop toilet which was very clean and with no odor. Camp fires can be lit taking into account the fire season warnings We stayed for 2 nights here. It is a lovely place looking over the water falls. It was very quiet other than the sound of the water falls. Just occasionally you could hear the logging trucks across the waterfalls as they went past with their precious logs.

There was 2 other motorhomes that pulled in later in the day but they were travelling together and mostly kept to themselves. There was another group of 2 campers, a group of older teens or young adults, that were making the most of their leisure time, I suspect at the end of the school or college year. They certainly didn’t want us 2 old fogeys interrupting their fun. They were pretty quiet and certainly weren’t disorderly or a problem at all.

So this left us to have some nice quiet days wondering around the water falls, playing cards on the picnic tables and such which were pretty much the order of the days there. Wonderful & beautiful! It was definitely worth some time out to come here.


  1. Tooloom falls sounds like a fantastic magical place to stay.
    Is it possible to swim there?

    1. Yes, you can swim in the lower pools. Saw some silly young adults swinging a rope off a tree but the water really isn't deep enough for that! We didn't swim as Rob's knees wouldn't let him climb down the rough terrain!


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