Christmas Foods

Certainly Christmas is so much more than just the food. However eating food is a wonderful way to celebrate and bring people together to celebrate Jesus' birth.  I quite enjoy designing a menu and preparing the food for Christmas and its numerous parties, especially if I don't leave it until the last minute and stress out. That is why I create a list for this too!

Labour of love

To me it is a labour of love and I quite enjoy the creative aspect.  I would be devastated if I put all the time and effort into it and then they didn't get eaten up. Pity though there is nothing than the tasty memory left after they get gobbled up so quickly. I had already started browsing recipe books and the internet for ideas whilst we were still on our road trip. Christmas generally is a dieter's worst nightmare, but then you can select foods that fit into a healthy life style or you can take a few days off and get back into shape afterwards. I try to cover for both.

Banquet or BBQ

No matter whether you are planning a brunch, a banquet or a barbecue, the food and drinks are what ties your party together. So decide what your main dish is going to be.

Reindeer cake pop
Have you cooked it before or is it a new recipe you want to try out? You might want to make a trial run if it is a new recipe. There is nothing wrong with picking something you are comfortable with even if it is an old faithful, as undoubtly it will be a popular dish. Now build the rest of the menu around your main choice: vegetables or salads? Do you go for finger foods or are plates required.

Where possible make it eay for yourself and choose dishes that can be easily prepared in advance. Don't rule out convenience foods especially if you can add that special touch. Remember the guests are there for a great time and for your company. Ensure you have enough to feed your guests. Add a few extras for unexpected guests as well as those that enjoy their food. It is well worth planning carefully as running out of food puts a real dampener on a party and over catering is just a waste. I tend to have un -opened food such as crackers & dip that doesn't spoil quickly or food that can freeze if left over as a back up.

Our own intimate Christmas

As both our girls are Children's Ministers, they work on Christmas mornings, so we tend to leave the home celebration for the afternoon on Christmas Day, giving both girls time to  travel home and not miss out. This year, our 2 oldest children will not be able to make it at all and so we have decided to have our own Christmas party on Boxing Day with the two youngest adult children and some friends.

Nibbles and appetizers

I start off with nibbles and appetisers, some hot and some cold. Some sweet and some savoury.
Decorated cakes and cake pops have become extremely popluar these last few years. Last year I made cute reindeer cake pops as seen in the photo above following the guidelines here but using my own choclate cake recipe and simple Christmas tree cupcakes as seen here using the same chocolate cake recipe and decorated the cupcakes with royal icing and tinting & cutting using the cute little tree cutters I have.

This year I plan to make Dutch Veal croquettes. I know it is not a traditional Christmas fare, but it is something special and Christmas is certainly a time to celebrate the kids' Dutch heritage. While I am at it I maybe I should have a go at Ollie Bollen too - a Dutch fruity doughnut type of dessert.

Bringing it more in line with Christmas, I plan to make a Boterkoek version of a Shortbread Christmas Tree. I am also tempted to make a prettier version of my Mars Bar Christmas Trees. They were very popular last year.

My Main Fare

Being mid summer here in Australia with temperatures easily reaching 30 degrees or more, I am not going to slave in a hot kitchen on the day. (For my American friends - that's nearly 90 degrees F or more.)
DIY Fruit Platter Tutorial here
Accordingly our main fare will include cold double smoked ham and pineapple adorned chicken accompanied by various salads, such as Balsamic roast vegetable salad, Oriental noodle salad and possibly a pasta salad. The salads can also be made ahead with only the dressing (premade) and the crispy noodles being the last minute additions to the Oriental noodle salad.

Traditionally we top of dinner with fresh fruit salad and home made lemon cheesecake. This year I'd like to try one of the fancy ways of presenting the fruit salad that I saw on Pinterest.

What about some recipes? 

Boterkoek recipe will be on this blog this coming Monday. 
Cake Pops how to can be found on the Bakerella blog here.
Cheese and Fruit Platter Tutorial and other wonderful ideas can be found on my Pinterest Board dedicated to Food Ideas.

But I am in a caravan or RV

Then come back in a few weeks. I plan on showing you how to host a Christmas party and plan your menu with some cheeky cheats ways to get your friends & family going... "Wow! You did all this from in your caravan? I am impressed".

Questions or requests?

If you have any  questions or requests, then please make a comment below or send me an email.


Need more ideas?

This link here will take you to one of the Christmas party tables I created last year with more detailed photos of my Christmas Tree cup cakes, reindeer cake pops and Mars Bar Christmas Trees.

Late edited: As promised I have posted my Easy Christmas Menu. It is so easy, I am can make it from my RV kitchen. Go take a look to speed up & simplify your  own Christmas Menu. Do come back to let me khow how you went. I would love some feedback. Maybe you can make  next year's Christmas cooking better for all of us - at least give us some more ideas anyway.

Make sure to visit Lamberts Lately and see what wonderful temptations others have come up with so far this year.


  1. All of this just looks amazing! I love the idea of those reindeer cake adorable. Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. I loved making the reindeer cake pops. I am going to make more cake pops but with a different theme... not sure yet. You'll have to come back and we will both know.

  2. Some top tips here, thank you! I love those Reindeer pops, my littlest two will love having a go at those this year! I do love hearing how Christmas is done in the Southern Hemisphere, thanks so much for linking up to Festive Friday, I hope you'll be back again!

    1. Thanks for coming. Shaping the cakes into balls I found fiddly but the boys will surely enjoy the mess, creativity and eating the food! I am only just 'discovering' link parties and such. They take a fair bit of time, but quite enjoyable as well as inspiring.


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