Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast

An invitation too good to pass up

Maroochydore Beach
We were going to visit our friends in Bli Bli, whom we had met several times along the trip starting with the free camp at Walker’s Creek, north of Normanton. When we rolled up for a day of fellowship with Brian & Lorraine, we were pleasantly surprised to be invited to stay overnight in their driveway, which gave us a lot more time with them.

Sunshine Coast

They took us on a short sightseeing drive through the northern part of the Sunshine Coast precisely Maroochydore and Mooloolaba which are just like a mini Gold Coast, all shops and expensive apartments lining beautiful beaches.
In the evening, we all enjoyed a game of cards after I introduced them to an Indonesian dish called Bamie, very similar to Nasi Goreng.

Bli Bli is Aboriginal

By the way, Bli Bli means mosquito, mosquito in aboriginal lingo. That sort of name wouldn’t attract me to the area, no matter how pretty it is. Just as well we went for the great company!


  1. Never realised the meaning of the word Bli Bli :)

    1. I had to ask... That's the sort of thing I do. I am forever getting into strife with my curiosity. ;)


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