Free camp at Brown’s Creek at Yandina

After Gin Gin we were heading south and east towards Maroochydore. We stayed in a free camp at Brown’s Creek (Camps 6: 168) just outside Yandina.

It was a reasonable sized area and flat with a long drop composting toilet. It is dappled shaded but you can find some sunny spots if you need solar power charging. There’s a large fenced off picnic grounds that surrounds the circular car parking loop and at least one spring handled tap but not suitable for topping up your water supply. It is not on the highway but it is on the old highway and you can see and hear the newer highway here. Not a brilliant spot for longer stays but certainly worth an overnight stop.

Nearby is a Ginger factory, but since neither Rob nor I are keen on ginger, we gave this a miss. A camping neighbour had been before and was going back for a kilo bag, they were so yummy.

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