Glass Hounse Mountains, Cruice Park & Hampton

First a stop at the Glass House Mountains

Mt Coonowrin, just one of the Glass House Mountains
We were heading to Toowoomba for church on Sunday and had a couple of days to fill in. We decided to have a look at the scenery that encompasses the Glass House Mountains however we decided not to stay here due to a memory of bad mosquitoes there from a previous camp in the area.

Shady Cruice Park

So we drove further west and stopped at Cruice Park. (Camps 6:512). The weather was really starting to heat up and the temperatures was in the mid to high 30’s (closing in at 90-100 degrees F). Cruice Park offered lots of trees for shade and relative coolness. The next day we went a little further west.
Free camping at Cruice Park

Another stop: Somerset Dam
Somerset Dam

We stopped by Somerset Dam for a short interlude.

Super hot at Hampton

Moving on a little bit more, we stopped and stayed at a little park at Hampton (Camps 6: 486). It is a nice little park with a playground too. The park part had lots of shade to sit in right outside your caravan which was marvellous as the internal temperature when we stopped at lunch time was 41 degrees. (106F) It was hot enough to fry an egg on the road!

We had little choice but to park the caravan in the sun though once we opened up all the windows and let whatever breeze in though, this soon dropped. It was lovely to sit under the trees until the sun started dropping and the afternoon shade of the trees fell upon the caravan. There was a gentle breeze to make it pleasant.

Hot enough: Pockafwye


  1. Very good info of Free camping at Cruice Park & Hampton. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so glad your shire considers free campers and offers such places for us grey nomads and the travelling community.

  2. Hi thanks for sharing the Glass House Mountains information.

    1. The Glass House mountains are lovely, that's for sure. Thank for looking at my blog.


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