Those of us that are blessed with grandchildren, certainly love them. Obviously they can be a challenge though. Read on.
Belle & Boo Tea Set

One day Nanna went out for a while and Pop stayed home babysitting his little granddaughter.

A little 'tea set' was one of his granddaughter’s favourite toys.

Pop was engrossed in the footy game on TV, when she brought him a little cup of 'tea', which was just water. "Hmm," he said absently downing the proffered cup.

Photo: State Library of Queensland
After several cups of ‘tea’ and lots of praise, Nanna finally came back home.

Pop proudly told her of their terrific afternoon together and made her watch & wait in the living room while the granddaughter brought him another cup of tea.

It didn't take long before Nanna saw the granddaughter bring in a yummy cup of tea. She watched as he drunk it up before asking him “Did you enjoy that?"

"Yeah" he replied defensively as he could tell she was leading up to something.

"Did you ever stop to think of where she can get the water from?" She commented.

"It certainly isn’t the kitchen. The only place she can reach water is out of the toilet!"

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