Bundaberg Botanical Gardens

Whilst visiting my sister in Bundaberg, we decided to visit the local botanical gardens the next day.
A wet dawn heralds our trip to the Botanical Gardens, however by late morning, the rains had cleared up and the weather was lightly overcast but warm.

The Playground

It was just perfect for a picnic BBQ at the park. We first went straight to the playground area for our 2 year old niece to play on the slippery dip and such whilst the guys got the one of the free BBQs up and running.

Concentrating on a good swing

Concentrating on a good yarn along with the cooking

Then after a yummy lunch we walked down to the train that runs in the park during the holidays and selected other times. Then away we are off for a trip around the park’s lakes and gardens.

The train at the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens
Of course we have to visit the duck pond to feed not only the numerous ducks, we also fed pea hens, 5 or 6 big fat eels a trio of turtles and a couple of goannas too or more precisely they are water dragons. My favourite was the shy turtles who pop just their tiny heads up in the water. They must be short sighted or something as they needed the food to be just about touching their noses before they found it. Wendy had to distract the ducks by feeding them elsewhere, or else the turtles would miss out totally.

Eastern Water Dragon

The duck pond

A short walk concluded our time at the park. We didn’t get to see much of the botanical sections so we will just have to come back another time.

Seeing the train across the duck pond


  1. What a delightful commentary on what sounds like a lovely family day's outing. That little blondie is a real cutie. I am very much enjoying your blog. Keep up the good blogging. I like the changes you have implemented such as the jokes. I don't see much in the way of crafts as your subheading seems to indicate. Did I misunderstand?

    1. Yes Blondie is lovely and we had some great times with her and her family. I do plan to add some crafts from time to time. I have just started my Christmas project... so more to come soon.

  2. I love your blog style of writing. You make me wish I could travel in Australia.

    1. Hi Joe, Thanks for you compliments. I hope you can make it to Australia one day. It is certainly worth the effort. Do make sure to spend some time here as the distances here are huge. Nearly all of Europe fits in Australia.

  3. WOW. what a place. I gotta take my kiddies to Qld. Too many fun things to do. Keep telling us more

    1. Yes, Amanda, There are many fun things to do in Qld and not just the theme parks. The weather here is a bonus and just keeps everyone in a good mood for enjoyment.
      I will keep posting so do keep popping in from time to time.


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