Gin Gin

Dave & Di's place near Gin Gin
We had met a couple from Gin Gin back at Wuruma Dam and we had been invited to come and stay on their property just outside Gin Gin. So even though it was only an hour and a bit away, this is where we had decided to spend the first 2 nights back on the road. Dave met us in Gin Gin to guide us to his place 20km out in the bush.

Double Barred Finch
Their place is quite secluded and is an oasis for the wildlife in the area. They have numerous birds and the occasional wallaby come and pop in from time to time. Already I have come across some birds I am not familiar with such as the double barred finch. We also saw the bright and marvellously coloured King Parrots coming in to feed. Apparently one is brazen enough to go up to the kitchen window and chatter to let them know that the feeding bowl is empty. LOL. It is so lovely and quiet here. We are parked with the door facing a nice little dam. The early morning sun reflects off the surface like brilliant diamonds that God has scattered haphazardly across the surface.

Before we left we found out that it was Dave’s birthday on Saturday and so we presented him with the first first Nifty Camp Oven Lid Lifter. He was so thrilled with it that he insisted on making his own copies of our brochure and he is going to be promoting them to his friends and future camp neighbours. We may have met our sales rep.

As we left, we went back into Gin Gin to visit the Gin Gin Historical Museum where Dave and Di were working as volunteers a couple of days a week. A good look around identified many articles that one or the other of us remember from parents or grand parents’ days. We even saw things we have never seen before, including various tools such as an electric chainsaw with an huge 300mm round motor. The museum covers also the railway station and the old cop house and station, including medical memorabilia as the cop’s wife was a nurse and ran an outpatient unit out of one of the rooms. I also saw up close, some handmade dresses from the 1800s. The stitching was exquisite.

Gin Gin Historical Museum (source)
Gin Gin is very RV friendly with parking in the middle of the main street with picnic tables & toilets in a wide grassy median strip right across the road from the local grocery store, fish & chop shop and others. We stopped here to pick up some supplies at the grocery store and splurged out on a delicious barramundi fish and chips for lunch which we had in the mini park just outside where the caravan was parked.

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