Back on the road

After a short flight home to see one of our daughters off to Vancouver, Canada for a year or two plus an extended family reunion, we are back in Bundaberg and our Robbiebago caravan. I’d forgotten just how cold Wollongong can get, brrrr. It didn’t help that I started off my trip with a mild migraine that washed me out for several days. The days were wonderfully warm though especially outside in the sun. Since our return, we have only had the evenings with my sister and her husband as they were both back at work. I did get to spend some afternoons with my gorgeous niece however as I picked her up from daycare. Now back in Queensland where it seems to be always warm, I had forgotten just how humid it can get, when the salt congeals in the shaker & clothes are dryer on the line than they are on your back. Good grief, the wet season hasn’t even started yet. Still I love it here at this time of the year. We even had a icy cold day here when the wind seems to come up from the south as it had been snowing hard enough to blanket some areas of NSW which is quite unseasonal for this time of year. I am grateful it really only lasted a day and no matter the cold early mornings, the day warmed up considerably.

Being spring, the pigeons and other birds greet us bright and early each morning with a cacophony of sounds as they seek mates and greet the sun. This delightful morning chorus is lost on my hearing husband who doesn’t want the noise as he desperately wants to sleep in. One advantage of being deaf, is that if I don’t want to hear things, at least I can turn off the hearing aid and cochlear! Got take it when I can. {big cheesy fat grin}

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Factory

This return trip was a longer but basically quiet and relaxing time. On the weekend we did visit the Tender Centre where we put in a few unsuccessful bids on some items that we thought would make a good gift for a brother-in-law. Wendy & Kerry were unsuccessful in their bids too this time. We also popped past the Bundaberg Ginger Beer Factory to pick up some drinks that are generally unavailable down south. We had done the tour years ago and can recommend it to visitors to the area. Same goes for the Bundie Rum place too which is close by!

On the Sunday I got up bright and early as usual and took myself off to the PCYC craft markets to browse amongst the lovely crafts on display and for sale here. This market is held monthly and there is a wide variety of crafts to choose from. Recycled jeans made into bags, a variety of handmade cards including ones with a lovely magnet as a removable gift as the feature on the card and some exquisite paper tole cards as well as the regular handmade stamped cards. There were numerous quilts and fabrics, timber works, jewellery and more crafts available too. I would have loved to spend more time there but I had to go back and get ready for church. We attended the Citicoast Church where they had a guest who explained his work with Red Frog which works amongst uni students, schoolies week and the poor and downtrodden members of society.

Bargarra Beach
After church we had a quick visit home to grab the supplies needed for our picnic BBQ by Bargarra Beach. We had hoped to catch the motor show that was on in Bargarra this weekend but apparently it finished at lunchtime on Sunday and thus we missed it. SO instead we spent a pleasant afternoon watching young Maevey in the sand and splashing on the edge of the waters. It was a lovely sunny day but the wind came up and the waters were too cool for a real dip in the ocean at this time of the year.

It’s Monday tomorrow, it’s time to start thinking about getting back on the road again…

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