Textas, Queensland

Aaahh Queensland at last. It is only a distance of about 800km (about 500 miles) from home. However it has only taken us 57 days to get here from Wollongong, LOL. Still we've loved every kilometre of it and the intended detours along the way.

We free camped at the Les (Jingles) Myers Rest Area right on the Dumaresq River (pronounced Du-meric) which is the border that separates NSW from Queensland. You get to share the camp ground with about 30 other campers (the number of other campers when we were there) and lots of cattle that roam freely. You can walk down to the river. It didn't appear deep enough to swim let alone take your canoe or kayak and go for a paddle. Still it would be nice to sink your feet into some cool water.

Standing on the Qld side of Dumaresq River looking back on NSW.
On our second day there Rob visited the Rabbit Factory also known as the Historical Freezer Works. Rob was brought up in the last stages of the rabbit era and was fascinated to learn more about the history of rabbits, the meat and the pelts industry in Australia where once they used to process over 6,000 rabbits per day in it's hey day during 1930-1940.

The Historic Rabbit Factory
Dawn at the campsite

Again we lit up the “Nifty” and enjoyed this as it had been a while since we had a meal cooked on it. It was only sausages and vegetables, nothing exciting. Nifty is the name we gave to our portable camp fire that Rob made. We love how we can cook full meals using just twigs and small wood that most other campers ignore except for starting their fires. We've since seen cheap versions available in stores. (They must have knocked off our design! LOL) I love to cook extra sausages for my Curried Sausages while we are cooking sausages anyway. Often I freeze the cooked sausages for another week rather than have 2 sausage meals so close together!

My Nifty Campfire

I used the left over fire and resultant heat to slow cook a chicken noodle soup in the cast oven too!You can find the recipe here if you need one. I think everyone has their own version!


  1. We may have a propane grill that we carry with us but we find the tastiest meals we've had were cooked over the embers of a campfire.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There's is just something magical and certainly mesmerizing about a wood campfire!


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