Home Hill

Home Hill was our main objective prior to attending the Dam Fine Rally. Comfort Stop is the free camp in town just one block west of the main street, but with so many people on the road it was packed. I would assume the rally would be attracting even bigger numbers to this area at the moment too. We did see a couple of CMCA member’s stickers on their RVs.

The sun sets over the Robbiebago at Home Hill

Since it was full we decided to stay at the Home Hill Showground without power. It was just $12 per night including toilets and showers. There are a couple of washing machines on site so you can catch up with your washing if you so desire. A general Happy Hour is held in the covered communal area though of course you can have your own private happy hour anywhere. There’s a pool table, a book swap table. The caretakers were trying to encourage me to have a stall for me sock creations, which was very nice of them. I didn’t take up the offer though. I just wasn’t confident enough but I still managed to sell a couple of dolls here.

Rob and I with some statues at the Home Hill Showground
Rob wasn’t feeling the best here so we made great use of the quiet times here catching up on naps and I was content with my sewing & reading.

One of the days we took a short drive to Burdekin Cane Farm where our friends, Lorraine and Steve Wilson were camped. It had been a month or so since we caught up with them in Nanando. It looks a great spot on a canal. We will have to see if we can pop in some time later when we come back south in a month or so.

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