Down time in Bundie

Nearly every trip to Queensland means some timeout spent in Bundaberg with my sister and her family. I don't do much sight seeing here as over the years we have done most of it. It is just nice to be a part of my sister's life for a week.

Rob wants to use some of this time to do some things around the motorhome such as balance the lithium batteries so that we can maximize their charge better. Rob's first few days here are 'go slow', as he is not feeling well at all.

I get to spend a mot more time with my beautiful niece making it easier for my sister to clock up some extra time at work, since she has only just started a new job as a real estate agent.

My hip/leg pains have been slowly getting worst just before arriving (it only occurs at night). After talking to Wendy & Kerry who have both had success with pain reduction from acupuncture for different ailments, I decided to try it for myself. I thought my problem might be sciatica but I was informed it is most likely bursitis. It took 3 sessions with the acupuncturist but I am finally able to get some sleep without pain. He is adamant that I recognize that he hasn't fixed the problem, just alleviated my pain.

We also get the opportunity to meet up with a dear friend whom we spent some wonderful trip together. I am especially fond of our times near Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia and Gregory Downs, Qld.

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