Burren Junction & Bingara

Free camping at Burren Junction

This is not our first time here but it is a convenient stop on our way as we head west and north towards Brisbane for Rob to catch his flight back to Sydney to have some specialist tests.

New walls partly protect the pool
Both camp grounds are quite crowded as it is always popular here in winter.

Of course we availed ourselves of the hot  bore pool here. It is not quite as hot as the one at Lightening Ridge and the walls of the pool are slimy which takes away from some of the pleasure in my opinion, though the warmth is always a welcome soothing element to tired aching bodies.

There's been quite few cosmetic changes here, chiefly in the wall that has been constructed on the western side which protects the pool from westerly winds and casts it late afternoon shade on the edge of the pool a bit.

Free camping at Bingara Riverside Camping

This campground was new to us. The approach was half flat driving and half very steep driving with quite a few hairpins which rather took us by surprise.

Free camped along the Gwydir River

Rob building up the fire
Still the camp alongside the Gwydir River was very pleasant. We camped overlooking the river directly. There are a lot of wonderful spots up and down the river where one can camp. We were lucky to get such a great spot straight off. We didn't have neighbours too close, maybe 100m away from our nearest.

Sit back and enjoy the bird life
We went for a drive around many of the camp spots on the second day. I think we had one of the best spots. It was lovely and quiet and we could have fished from our door almost. You definitely need to have your fishing license here as it gets checked frequently. No traps allowed either. So instead we lit up a fire and enjoyed this as it had been a while since we had a fire going.

Be aware of the fishing laws
We would have loved to stay here for quite a few more days but three nights was all we could safely allocate to ensure Rob didn't miss his flight.

Nothing better at the end of a beautiful day than a marvelous sunset


  1. A beautiful campsite with lots of things nature has to offer for your viewing. It can't get any better.
    Wishing Rob good news on his checkup.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks. Rob's health is a real concern. His check up went as well as can be expected: No good news but nothing worst either. Now a month later he's just gone through 4 bad days, but he's pulled through now and just has some fatigue issues for now. We've moved to a different area where the humidity is much more comfortable.


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