Dam Fine Rally Townsville

On our way in to Twnsville and the rally, we first had to call into a Big Wheel tyre place in Townsville. We had discovered that all our bus tyres were very old and so we needed to buy new tyres and get them fitted.

We finally made it to our second CMCA rally. The rally is held at a park that is not normally open to the public on the side of the Ross River Dam, just about 3km from town. You can’t see the dam from any camp site, but it is just a short (uphill) walk up the embankment to the top of the dam wall.

Camped at the Rally - We're just off centre to the right a bit!

I was really laid back this time about the rally. I had little or no expectation since I really didn’t enjoy the Bathurst Rally. I was here because Rob wanted to come. At least with knowing a few people here from the Highway Wanderers especially Steve and Lorraine. There were a few people from Home Hill here too as can be expected. So it was certainly off to a fine start when you know you are amongst friends.

The rally itself costs $10 per night (unpowered). This covers the site, Port-a-Loos, rubbish disposal, entertainment each night and a few ‘talks’. We had Happy Hours each night with Steve and Lorraine. Most of the time there were members of the Highway Wanderers there too. Admittedly I struggle with following anything when it gets too big, but that is just what I have to live with all the time being deaf. The HHW do have a microphone which makes it a tad easier when I can see the person talking for lip reading.

I had my first Market Stall for my sock dolls here at the rally. The stall was cheap at just $10 for members and it was open to people from the community though with the Townsville Show on etc there weren’t many people from the general community there which many of the regular stall holders were quite unhappy about. Still I managed to sell a couple of my smaller dolls. I gave me a good insight in to what people are attracted to. I also got to know my fellow neighbouring stall holders too.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a church service at the rally and Rob and I attended it along with about 30 others. It was country style music accompanied by guitars. There was a short message on the world changes but God doesn’t. A pleasant service.

Lorraine and a new friend Chris and I spent a couple of hours when we went into Spotlight to get some crafting supplies since we find some items hard to get on the road.

All in all,Rob & I enjoyed ourselves here at this rally. We have been talked into attending the Christmas in July Rally in Mareeba in a month’s time. We had not planned on travelling so far north, but Rob thinks we should as we may not be able to do so in the future.So we have to grab the opportunities while you can!


  1. Did you like Townsville itself? We liked it's lovely foreshore

    1. We didn't see much of the town this time around as we spent nearly all of it at the rally. We've been there before. The water park is amazing but it looked like it was closed for maintenence when we went past. http://robbiebago.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/an-extended-weekend-in-townsville.html


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