Solar Power in Overcast & Wet Weather

We hit some wet weather after the rally. We are so thankful for the invention of solar panels and lithium batteries. We have set up the motorhome that we can cope power wise, with a week’s overcast weather if we are careful without resorting to shore power or using a genie (which we don’t have anyway). Click on the words: solar or lithium  to go to our set upon our bus.

The induction cooker, the kettle and the microwave oven are amongst the biggest power users. Since it is overcast, it is cool enough not to need air con which is another huge poser consumer. We do need power essentially for running my CPAP machine every night and to run the regular household fridge. The LED lights run off a separate battery and use very little power any way.

We cope easily by heating water and cooking on the butane gas cooker when it is overcast and/or the batteries are low. We’ve worked out that we use an average of 1 can of butane gas per day for our coffee, tea, cooking and just washing up once a day under these circumstances.
How do you manage in lots of wet weather?


  1. Naturally we prefer solar power when possible and mostly it us. No problem in Broome where we left the solar panels chained to the van for the ten days we were there and we always had enough power. A bit more difficult in Texas where we had solar panels out as before, but the sun here is not as intense as in Broome and we still needed to top up for two hours late in the afternoon to be sure we didn't run out. I leave the generator in the back of the ute and run it from there. No heavy lifting.

    1. We noticed the difference in the solar input the further north we go. We also noticed a huge difference between the two inverters. They use different amounts of energy. So the larger inverter goes off in low battery levels and we just pop it on for a few minutes if we want to use the microwave, air con or something that gobbles up more power and use the smaller inverter most of the time now.

  2. I remember camping as a child and the whole family packing up and going home in prolonged rain. So different for us now!

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