Rain, Rain and More Rain

Welcome to sunny Queensland, they say. Still, look on the bright side (pun intended), without the rain, we wouldn't have attractive water features especially my beloved waterfalls.

My grand daughter celebrating the start of the rain when they lived in Gove, NT
I'm still waiting for the weather to clear up, but the way things are going, that may not happen anytime soon.

It blew an absolute gale last night. I've just about had it up to my chin with rain. I generally don't get cabin fever as I am happy to be crafting or playing on the computer all day and if I do get sick of that I can read or play games with Rob.

My craft space in the Robbiebago
However part of the reason for coming north at this time of year is that it is supposed to be warm and it's known as the dry season. Well at least it is warm, most days I am running around in my shorts and a tank top with a shirt over it in the mornings (nights don't get cooler until well after midnight. At least I can get asleep on top of the bed but sometime during the night it cools down and I must reach down to pull a sheet up.

All this wet weather may be great for farmers and I must remind myself not to be selfish but to me is a tad depressing. I am thinking how true John Denver's song is: "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy"

On a practical level when there is this much continual rain (without any damaging floods) the whole area just turns into a quagmire. Thankfully I have gumboots for such weather. Still I can't complain too much at least it is not cold.

Oh my gosh....What a change, sunshine - I'd almost forgotten what it felt like. All is well in my world - I am happy again.


  1. We had similar in southern WA, but John just kept on driving. We saw quite a few sights under umbrellas.......oh dear!

    1. We can't control the weather but we can control how we respond to it.


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