St Helens & The Bay Of Fires

We moved on to St Helen after visiting the glow worm tunnel at Derby. It continues to rain, well more of a drizzle but certainly miserable looking weather and no there's sunshine for charging the batteries. We thought it best to set up camp first and then when the weather is better then we could come back out to St Helen for some investigation, or at least that was our well intentioned plan.

We checked out a few campsites along the Bay of Fires and we decided we liked the smaller Jeaneret Beach Campsite at Binalong Bay better. We found one that gave us a lovely view of the beach and the track to it was just at our campsite. We can make our own camp fires and the drop toilet was nearby but no so close that we could smell it. We are set up to be completely self contained, but if there is a half decent toilet within walking distance then we are likely to use it during the day.


The Bay of Fires

On our first full day here, the rain stopped long enough for us to venture out to the beach and clamber all over. We also climbed the rocky outcrop to the top of the cliff and made our way back to the beach via another track. The sun tried hard to pop its head out but the clouds kept overpowering the sun today. So other than our beach walk and climb, we had a lovely lazy day.

The very fine white, white sandy ‘bays’ with multiple areas of huge rock outcrops like giant pebbles which are dotted with colourful red lichen make The Bay of Fires special and I can only imagine that in the sun they are spectacular.

Sadly we weren’t going to have the opportunity to find out as some drama is about to unfold in our lives.


  1. Here is hoping this is only a temporary set back and that with time you will be able to enjoy your dreams.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it is only temporary! Silly kidney stones are no laughing matter but generally easily treated!


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