Free camping at Dunalley Pub

We had been told of the free camp available at Dunalley Pub would be a good base for sight seeing around Port Arthur and so we decided to check it out. We first checked it out online via WikiCamps and it looked like a nice enough place and certainly saved driving right into Port Arthur where it was more likely to be crowded especially in this peak holiday season.

The Paddock (campground)

To enter the property, just drive through Dunalley, turn left over the canal (bridge). You’ll see the beautiful old pub on the top of the hill and just past it is the opening to the paddock in which they allow free camping. Find yourself a camping spot - right up the back near the trees/shrub might offer a little respite from the constant coastal breezes. Personally we wanted something that would give us the least amount of shade so to maximize as much sunlight as possible as we have been through a lot of overcast weather lately. Though there is no fee, it is polite to buy a drink at the pub to show your appreciation. The property is basically for self contained vehicles though they have recently added a port a loo on site though we chose to use our own. There are some rubbish bins for disposal of rubbish on site. There is no water or power on site nor is there a dump spot nearby so make sure your have plenty of fresh water with you and a empty black water tank. Parking even large rigs around the paddock is a breeze and most of it is reasonably level.

Inside the Pub you will find a nice ambiance, a restaurant and a outdoor social area. There are regular competitions such as darts, and poker held. I love the idea of the wooden fire, it would be awesome in the winter which I believe can get mighty cool.

I was also taken with the photos of the devastating bushfire the township and surrounds had been through just 2 years ago. It is easy to find a local that will tell you the story of the bushfire that nearly wiped out the town and how the people of the town rallied together to save the iconic pub!

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