Free camping at Triabunna

Our chief purpose of camping at Triabunna is so that we can use this as a base whilst visiting Maria Island which we had heard a lot about. We also intended it to be a time out place for a few days.

On our way to Triabunna we stopped in Swansea to get some of the heavier/larger items done at the Laundromat and have some local fish and chips alongside the sea there.

Robbiebago across the waters at Triabunna Marina

There are two places across the road from each other for camping at Triabunna: behind the pub which gives you a sense of privacy or in an open paddock next to the butchers. Both are right near the Marina and the Information Centre. We chose the open paddock as we’d get more sun for the solar panels. We were the first campers that day, however that did deter us as usually once someone stops, it usually encourages others to stop too.

Triabunna Marina

There are toilets at the marina and you can top up with water near the war memorial alongside the marina which also houses a BBQ and picnic area. There is also a dump point less than a kilometre away over the other side of the river.

St Mary's Triabunna Anglican Church

I like look at old churches and we even went to church here at Triabunna. St Mary's Anglican Church was completed in 1883. It was built from local sandstone f& contains one of only three stone altars to be found in Anglican churches in Australia.

Sadly we found it was windy and wet most of our time there. In the few drier but overcast times, we went on walks around the town. There is a Pelican Walk along the river there for a short distance. We also took to walking around the town.

One of the Pelicans to be found on Pelican Waters

One thing I definitely noticed was the huge number of wild rabbits running around. It was nothing to see 6 rabbits when you hopped out of the caravan. I also counted close to 25 rabbits that ran under a shipping container that is housed behind the pub. So if any of you fancy a rabbit pie, you should have no trouble catching one.

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