Doo Town

 On our drive around Pirate's Bay, we came across Doo Town and started to notice that many of the houses had a take on the town's name.

At the end of Doo Town there is a blowhole but personally, I don’t think much of their blowhole, but maybe I have been spoilt with the Kiama Blowhole just down the road from my home. But I do recommend their food van that sells lots of fresh seafood such as oysters, calamari, frozen yoghurt, ice-cream with fresh homemade fruit syrups and the regular things such as fish and chips.

The food van was another, it was called Doo-lishus. So after a bite to eat, we went for a drive through the town recording as many of the names as we could.  Here's a small collection

I just love seeing these little things that some towns do for their community. So watch out for these little surprises that crop up now and then. They are little gems that will brighten your day as well as bring a delightful sense of community to an area. I am so glad we found Doo Town.

Here's my list:
Digger Doo
Dr Doo Little
Doo Me
Doo love it
Doo n time
Doo nix
Doo Rae Me
Doo Us 
Doodle Doo
Gunna Doo
Just doo it
Love Me Doo
Make Doo
Much a Doo
Nearly a Doo
Rum Doo
Tickle Doo
Toucan Doo
Wattle I Doo
Wee Doo

Will it be a

if I have missed many???  :)
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Do let us know in the comments if you know of other places we should watch for these little gems on our travels!

So ...

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