Pirates Bay & some spectacular rock formations

There are places to see on the way to Port Arthur, so do make sure to take some time to see the spectacular rocky coast around Pirates Bay which features Australia’s highest marine cliffs as well as caves & chasms that create such features as Tasman Arch, the Blowhole and the Devil’s Kitchen. After living near the Kiama Blowhole for 30 odd years, it is hard not to compare the two and sadly this blow hole just didn't blow at all, well at least not while we were there! Still it is interesting to see how the sea erodes the rocks to create such features.

We stopped at the Tessellated Pavement & walked down to the beach.

Tessellated Pavement from above

As I was still recovering from my latest bout with kidney stones I walked very slowly. Still it was worth it. It is stunning and so much to look at. I have seen this type of rock formation at other places but I had no idea of why they occur and there is a very easy to understand informative sign board here explaining their formations.

Michelle standing on a part of the Tessellated Pavement
The platform here are bigger and better than the previous ones I have seen and you can easily walk on it and around it. If you keep your eyes open you might see sea urchins & a star fish in amongst the rock pools. The pristine white sand and stunning blues in the water makes this a special part of the coast.

Further on the road you can see other sea eroded features such as Tasman Arch, The blowhole and the Devil's Kitchen.

Tasman Arch

It is such an incredible place. Don't miss it in your haste to get to Port Arthur.

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