Back In Tassie

When we made it back to Launceston after our short trip back to Sydney, we couldn’t wait to resume our travels and we quickly picked up the Robbiebago motorhome and headed off beyond St Marys to Chain of Lagoons.

St Marys & the Wind Mills

St Marys is basically our first stop and we hop out to stretch our legs as well as check out the town even though it was misty rain off and on. There’s a corner information sign board with the local history, maps and such on it. We also needed to pick up a few grocery items. As we walked along the main street we start to notice these wind toys (for lack of a better name).

Someone had made these individual wind powered signs to suit most of the businesses in the street. There’s one of hairdressing scissors opening and closing. Another outside a chemist is of a pestle going inside a mortar. I loved the post office which has a letter being ‘dropped’ into a post box. There were others that are also equally clever .

 Click on the photos above if you want to see the larger image of these delightful windmills.

We move on down Elephant’s Pass which is a steep windy road. We had been advised that this was a ‘difficult’ road. It is narrow in a few spots but it is certainly easy enough for the vast majority of motorhome and caravans to handle.

Chain of Lagoons

We settled into Lagoon Beach within the Chain of Lagoons. It was a good place to recuperate from our excursion to Sydney and the little ‘flu’ we brought back with us. The weather was rather overcast though not exactly raining though.

We are able to light a fire for dinner and not only have a BBQ’d dinner and boil a billy but to also make our first damper on this trip. Oh yum, just the sort of food that really lets you know you are camping (or in our case glamping as there is no way you can call our motorhome basic camping by a long shot!)

After 2 nights at Lagoon Beach, we thought we’d move further south to the outskirts of Freycinet National Park.


We stopped in Bicheno and were fortunate to be there for their Market Day. Of course we have to take a wander along the stalls. We bought some fruit and vegetables and Michelle just found it too tempting and succumbed to 2 Christmas craft items to place in the window of the motorhome as well as a CD for listening whilst driving. Bicheno is a small town, mainly fishing, reminding me of Gerroa in NSW back near my hometown.

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