Back In Launceston

Thankfully the pain of the kidney stones is just an unpleasant memory. There is no point in going back to The Bay of Fires as we have to fly back to Sydney in 2 days time for our daughter’s engagement party.

Back At Old Macs Farm

So we thought we would get the washing caught up and meet & chat with our neighbours. We met Alan (Nomads4ever) and his wife as well as another couple who have to spend a couple of days in Launceston every week as Dorothy has to have chemo weekly (terminal breast cancer). They travel when she is feeling up to it and they do what they can while they can.

We leave the motorhome and car with people we know in Perth and they are willing to drive us in and pick us up when we came back.

Due to bad weather in Sydney and Melbourne – all flights were delayed at least half and hour. Our plane had some engineering trouble and we are delayed by 2 hours in the end.

Wings of a plane

Most importantly, we made it safely to Sydney and went straight to Allan’s by train, ready to catch up with our family in the short 6 days we have allocated for our time back in Sydney.

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