Family Time in Sydney

We flew back to Sydney primarily for our daughter’s engagement party as Michael popped the question a few weeks after we left home for Tasmania.

I had made some cute swags for the party but most of the organizing was left to Michael and Camille.

Getting started on the swags.
They organized and outdoor picnic at the place they had their first date at Kirribilli Park. Kaye, Michael’s mothe, made a lovely job of the hanging bottles with purple and white flowers that were handing around the trees and such. I hung my swags in between. They looked gorgeous together.

Camille had a couple of large food tables and scattered picnic rugs with mini apple crates for coffee tables on most rugs.

The site and the weather were perfect though the morning's weather seemed a bit discouraging at first. It was a friendly happy party with most people mingling quite well.

Sunday meant church with Allan and his girls. Holly was coming down with a flu so she stayed home to recoup some energy. Camille & Michael picked us up for a leisurely lunch at a Thai restaurant where the four of us could just sit back and chat and catch up a bit with all their wonderful news.

It was great being at Allan’s in the evening s as we could spend some time with his family too. Monday was pretty full on. Rob was going to go back to Wollongong by train but with the Sydney Terrorist Seige going on in Martin Place, the trains were in complete dishevel and so he decided to stay at Allan’s and go home the next day.

Benita (Camille’s sister) and I were helping Camille to decide what wedding dress style she should be going for. Oh she is going to be such a beautiful bride! Lots of driving and lots of laughter and quite a few oohhs and aahhs and then finally a WOW. We had found THE dress... well actually it came down to two. Both had that something extra. Camille had to go away and think of which on she was going to go for. Both of them had that WOW factor!

This is NOT the dress but we certainly looked at many styles

On Tuesday, Camille and I were to sort through some invitation designs and spend the afternoon and evening designing & developing wedding card ideas. At least I had most of the tools in my craft room after many years of papercrafts.

It was great to catch up with Mathew, our ‘Clayton’ son, who came around for dinner. Benita came in late after work and we enjoyed a little more family time.

Just one such design we briefly considered for wedding invitations

Camille had to leave by lunchtime on Wednesday and I went ahead and made a few more card samples. So then it was back to packing and getting a bit of gardening done before we get up super early on Thursday morning for the flight back to Launceston to resume our trip around Tassie.

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