We’ve arrived in Tasmania

We’ve arrived in Tassie. Shortly before we arrived in Tasmania we found out that our dear friends were spending a couple of months assisting one of their friends at Penguin and so we knew we wanted to catch up with them whilst we were in the area. We spent many lovely hours with them in Devonport and at Penguin which is where they were working.

One of the many signs that greet us on arrival in Devonport

Free camping at Cooee Point

We decided to free camp at Cooee Point in Bernie which is a town on the top coast just about an hour from Devonport. We will spend the weekend here with new travelling friends Frank and Jennifer that we met just prior to getting on the ship.

The view from our motorhome at Cooee Point

We were fascinated with this yellow moss covering many of the rocks in Cooee Point

Above is the view east from our motorhome with its calm waters and moss covered rocks. It is a relatively cool overcast day


Spent the morning at the Reformed Church at Penguin where a friend of ours was preaching.

Reformed Church at Penguin overlooking the sea

After church we were off to the Penguin Markets which is a permanent market a little like Paddy's Market only less imported stuff and more antiques and hand crafts... just perfect. We scored with a huge box of war comics at a bargain price - these are almost impossible to buy now days!

Just one of the many stalls at Penguin Markets - these are all hand knitted dolls

Penguin is so pretty with so many flower gardens everywhere even the roadsides are covered in flowers let alone the beautiful coast line.

Even the roadsides are full of glorious flowers in Penguin

Pretty coastline

We took a leisurely drive back to Cooee Point. The coastline is so pretty and flowers abound everywhere especially prominent are the roses in private gardens right now. I am also surprised how very little surf there is all along our drive. I would have thought that the mainland is far enough away that it wouldn’t affect the surf.

Sulphur Creek

Bernie Makers

At the Bernie Information centre there is much more than just the info desk with walls full of brochures and tourist merchandise. The centre also houses the Bernie (Paper) Makers. They have regular tours several times a day showing you how they make handmade paper along with giving the participants a turn at making a paper.

Rob was fascinated with the handmade fold flat chairs in the art gallery

Rob is trying to get the point across with one of the paper sculptures

They also have the most amazing almost life size 3D paper sculptures of people. There is also a small art gallery and sometimes if you are lucky you can get to see some of the artists in action carving or making their craft.

Love Nurtures

Handmade woven baskets


We have finally arrived at our first volunteer post. Here we are 'camping' at MMM headquarters in Perth, Tasmania where we met our wonderful hosts are Rod and Lynn.

Camping at MMM 'headquarters' in Perth

Mobile Mission Maintenance

MMM is an interdenominational volunteer based ministry where by building, renovating and maintaining facilities used in Christian outreach we are supporting churches through the country. We have volunteered on previous trips and we expected that Rob will be assisting in the building of a hall in Launceston for a Baptist Church. I took some time out to make a personalized wine glass charm so that I can tell which is MY glass for future happy hours!

Wine glass charm

Michelle's wine glass

Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plans and desires and we have rolled up at such a time when we really aren’t of much help at this stage of the building project. So, that's OK. We would go and do some sightseeing and come back in a few weeks time and see what and where the project is at then - only we are getting rather close to Christmas by then. Oh well let's see what happens then!

Rob, Richard and Julie - volunteers on a previous job
Off we go to our next stop!

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