Gold Panning Country at Slaty Creek

We had a flat battery on the Suzuki because Rob had accidentally left the door light on, thankfully friendly camp neighbours helped us to recharge it by using their generator to get it going. We drive onto Creswick via Bendigo.

Robbiebago set up at Slaty Creek

Bendigo – no go

We tried to stop in Bendigo to sight see and replenish some supplies, we needed groceries and Rob needed some hardware but we couldn’t find easy parking. We ventured off on one street only to discover it went into a car park and it was so stressful trying to navigate out, that upon finally exiting without mishap thankfully, we gave up and moved straight on to Creswick.

Some towns are not RV friendly

Many towns just are not RV friendly for parking let alone camping and dump spots. There might be suitable parking, but when you are new to town, you have no idea how to find such places without some sort of signs being posted. We even find it hard to park near a Tourist Information Centre so sadly these country towns miss out on potential trade not just from us but from the many others who would be in the same boat.

Slaty Creek

We arrived at the shady environs of Slaty Creek (523) near Creswick which is a gold panning area surrounded by lots of lovely trees. It wont be a great spot for getting solar power though. We met one lovely couple, Linda & Jan who have come here from over near Adelaide for the second or third time. They have been here for 4 weeks so far this time and they have collected just 3 ounces of gold (about $135) between the two of them. They are enjoying it & just doing it for fun.

Real life Gold Prospectors

Rob was inspired to get out his doovey lackey and give the area a go too, but not for gold per se. He found lots of rusty old iron.  I was later reminded that it is called a metal detector and we were told by ‘experienced’ friends of Jan and Linda that the best one for gold detecting is a Minelab 2300... but the idea of getting as a Christmas pressie for Rob died when I found out the cost!

Rob trying his luck

We enjoyed happy hours with Linda and Jan and taste testing their home made port, white port AND grappa. Oooh - no wonder they call Grappa “Fire water”. They warms you up, that’s for sure.

Happy Hour after a day of gold prospecting

Additional directions to get to Slaty Creek

When you turn onto Slaty Creek Road, you will come to a intersection with Petticoat Road about 1 km up. Take this road to the right, it is a little longer but it is better graded for nearly all of it and is much better for motorhome and caravans. There are at least 3 camp grounds but only number one is really suitable for motorhomes towing a car or caravans. It is also the only one with a drop toilet. You can walk to the other campsites from Number one or you can take your vehicle. If you need solar power, then the best open spot I think is near the toilets if it is vacant.

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