Launceston Christmas Parade

We found out the night before the event that Launceston has a Christmas Street Parade. So we set off early to get a spot. As it turns out we found ourselves parked right in one of the streets that the parade is going through. We actually got there just before they closed the street. It was right near the corner and so we were able to get a great view and even work out what we wanted to photograph and such before they actually got in front of us. I even sat inside the car so that I had an unobstructed view and a perfect spot for photos.

Our corner spot - that's our car and you can just make me out in the front seat with a camera!

I love to hear the marching bands, listen and sing along with the carolers, and watch the various community groups in action.

Scottish Drummers

I took great delight in seeing that the real meaning of Christmas was apparent in quite a few floats.

God's Christmas Present to us

I was fascinated by the Aviation Rescue vehicle esp since our eldest son is a pilot! I had never seen one before. It is nice to know there are specialists available at some airports at least!

Aviation rescue vehicle

Motorhome modification

In the afternoon, Rob did another little modification to the motorhome. This time he added 2 door stops to the lounge slide out. It was not for stopping the slide out from sliding in or out but rather to stop some creaking noise that occurs when we are driving the motorhome.

Adding a lock on the lounge slideout


I spent the wonderful afternoon making a doily swag that I thought our newly engaged daughter would like at her engagement party. However if it doesn’t fit with her theme then that was OK as I enjoyed making it and I can add it to my shop which I intend to resurrect when we stop traveling. I might even make some more!

Michelle making doily swags

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