City Park & the monkeys

City Park is right in the centre of the city and it is an absolute delight. The monkeys are probably the biggest draw card, but I do suggest you spend time looking at the rest of the park itself as it is also fabulous.


There are 20 Japanese Macaques (monkeys) in an open exhibit/cage where the monkeys live and play. They were so delightful to watch. There were a baby and a couple of young “kids” there as well as one or two that I assume are older “grandparents”.

Japanese Macaque monkey mother and baby
It is wonderful to see the interactions between them all. I enjoyed watching how some check the fur for ‘bugs’ of some sort and when they find one they pick it out and eat it. (yech)

Japanese Macaque monkeys
One of the young ones chew on the ropes, another one is trying to work out how to undo the knots that hold the rope ladder that stretches across an area sort of horizontally. One runs out on this big limb and bounces it like a spring board above a swimming pool (only there is no pool under that part of the limb). It is just pure fun to watch them.

Japanese Macaque monkey enclosure

Eventually we drag ourselves away to walk amongst the rest of the gardens. There are so many seats available to sit and watch the world go by or to admire the beautiful grounds. It would be a marvellous place to have a family picnic too!

Sitting back and admiring City Park

John Hart Conservatory

This leads us soon to the John Hart Conservatory where not only it is a mass of green tropical plants of all shape and size but there is a huge collection in the centre of magnificently flowering orchids. I later see that the massive hanging baskets way above our heads are also full of flowering orchids.

John Hart Conservatory

Motorhome & car stuff

There is always something that needs doing... well it seems like it.
Rob goes off to get a electronic key cut for a spare car key and I stay behind to work on our blog a bit and to clean the floor of the motorhome. It still hadn’t been cleaned properly of the wood glue when the floor boards went down. So today was a good day to get stuck into this. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it came off with just turps and just a touch of a little elbow grease. Now my floors look nice.
It is good to have another job out of the way.

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