In and around Deniliquin

As is common, one of our first visits is to the local Tourist Information Centre, where one can get all the best info for the area you are in as well as some info on other nearby areas.

We spent a lovely few hours browsing through the history at the Peppin Heritage Centre. I was quite fascinated to read about the lives of the people and the struggle and even fatal fights over water in the area. Amongst an exhaustive set of exhibits there is a ram shed built in 1926 at Warriston Station and now rebuilt at the Peppin Centre.

We didn’t do as much sightseeing as one would if they were straight out visiting this city. Our main purpose here was to spend some time with dear friends. We camped right in their front yard. However we did give them a ‘break’ by fitting in some sightseeing.

One of the days we went for a drive to Echuca and the historic Wharf there. I would have loved a trip on a paddle steamer but we just didn’t have the time.

We did however enjoy a picnic lunch beside the river and a visit to 2 more museums including the Holden Car Museum.

We were also able to stop by St Anne's Wine Cellar back on the Wharf to do some taste testing and to select our preference of some fortified wine for our happy hours!

We picked up Rob’s favourite Apple Turnover as a bleated birthday treat and took it with us for a afternoon tea by the tranquil river at Picnic Point. (I even bought a recipe book from the bakery hoping that I can learn a few ‘secrets’ to some fabulous baking.)

One of the bonuses of driving down to Echuca was driving through the Long Paddock especially as there was a mob of cattle being herded down the Long Paddock. Just in case you know as little as I, the Long Paddock refers to a working stock route that was used in the early days to shift stock especially in times of drought when even the long grass etc on the sides of the road would just sustain the cattle until they reached the wharf for sale. So yes I find even this exciting.

We loved visiting Deni however all good things must come to an end as we wish to visit a few more places and people as we move ever closer to the ship that will take us to Tasmania.

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