After Lilydale we only moved a short distance to camp at Scottsdale. We are surrounded by the lovely ducks. It certainly is he weather for the ducks since it was rain, rain and more rain

It is weather for the ducks and ducklings
We’ve really not seen many clear days since we’ve been here. The locals tell us that this wet is unseasonably late. It certainly makes it difficult to get a decent charge up on the batteries with so many overcast days. We can make do with about 7-8 days wet weather by being frugal and using the butane gas cooker for cooking. Joy and Bob from Lilydale’s campground follow us later in the day and so we invited them to join us for a cuppa and later for happy hour too since it was still raining.

Whilst in Scottsdale we tried to do some sightseeing. We went first to the information centre and from there we found out about the war memorial carvings in town just up the road from them literally. It is a great testimony to the memory of the men and woman who served in all branches in the war on our behalf in the language of wood which is so appropriate being a timber area. (Excuse the pun but it suits here perfectly). The carvings represent the machine gun carrying soldier typical of the Vietnam era, the nurse, the sailor, the pilot, the regular foot soldier, the helicopter, the spitfire aeroplane, the cannon and the flag. The carvings are very well thought out and executed.

Scottsdale War Memorial
 We tried to go the Eco centre but it was closed apparently due to some severe water damage. It is such a pity as it is a fairly recent building and makes one wonder why it wasn’t built to withstand heavy rain. On the way back we just had to take a photo of the Big Thumb which was carved by a local when a large tree fell across his gate. Rob wanted a photo of the thumb ‘picking’ his nose!

Rob's something big stuck up his nose!

We also looked in the local art gallery and craft centre which also doubles as a cafe and popped into some of the local shops including the bakery for which we had a voucher from the info centre for a free coffee/hot chocolate each. uprooted tree - note shallow root.

Eco Centre

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